@breakfastclubam Off-Duty FBI Agent Misfires His Weapon After Doing A Backflip In The Club

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  1. Didn't this happen like 2 wks ago. Desus & Mero talked about this on they show a min ago now… and what's funny, he didn't check on the person he shoot & alot of the people didn't even run after the shot went off… jus like some white people lol. The 1 black dude in the video was the FIRST person to leave the scene lol… and who does a backflip in the club w/ da burner on they waist…

  2. What I didn't like about what he done was he didn't even go up and check on the person he accidentally shot and see if they was ok he just grabbed his gun and smiled smirked and walked off that's a Felony to leave the scene and not stop to help render aid to the person you hurt. No one is speaking on that he could've killed them.

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