@breakfastclubam Niecy Nash Talks Her Bossy Character On ‘Claws’, Growing Up Funny + More

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  1. Scientist have proven that those test are b.s. on top of that all u just did was just open to your DNA to the government proven fact one guy was arrested because he did one of those test he was a suspect guess what they court order that shit from one of those things and now his butt is in prison good job dum dum

  2. You can always tell when Charlemagne doesn't watch something or listen to somebody but I LOVE Neicy Nash, seems like such a beautiful woman inside and out. This interview was so dope! Mmmmh why do I feel like Karrueche may be on here next? I low-key want her on here, I wasn't feeling the energy from C when her name came up though….Karrueche is very misjudged

  3. I love niecy nash every since the reno 911 days…intelligent funny super sexy and super delicious…i bet every mama got that niecy nash type of friend that their son got a huge ass crush on

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