@breakfastclubam Nicki Minaj Says Meek Mill and Drake’s Beef Was “One Of The Hardest Parts” Of Her Career

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  1. Charlemagne has a habit of talking shit about the wrong female rappers that why lil Kim sent them goons to check you . NICKI does not know where she can buy you any bleach for your skin get off her nuts ya coon.

  2. After all this attention and support on freeing Meek Mill he needs not to partake in foolery. I hope he keeps his word and becomes a voice for the Black community. If he doesn't advocate for alike situations and engage in fuckery he shouldn't have our support, he wouldn't deserve it.

  3. Lmfao she really had to put her input in on some beef from 2 or 3 years ago. Must of been so painful sitting back watching the beef. Just wipe your tears off your face with those blue hundreds while in your lambo

  4. WHY are you suddenly doing press tours speaking out now tho Nicki? I MEAN….. The timing is real suspicious. The best way to win album sales is through music, NOT sympathy votes IJS You speaking about Motorsport & Meek? Bruh….

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