@breakfastclubam Nicki Minaj Is Keeping Her Legs Closed

Nicki Minaj is finally single after 20 years and she’s telling women it’s ok to keep your legs closed.

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  1. The hypocrisy is real how ironic to have just released a single called 'rich sex' promoting sleeping with men for money. I can't with the fakeness now the culture is an issue because she isn't on top. The Cardi B insecurity is showing in her statements. It should make her sad to be a hypocrite.

  2. Who cares about Nicki? Her image – black woman stripper appropriation – is beyond problematic. She's set the public image of black women entertainment way back to Sarah Baartman. Epitome of a "hyper-sexed jezebel" black woman caricature. She set the trend for these LHH & IG bimbo thots to normalize diaper booty build-a-bear bodies; before Kim K. She took L's on L's in my eyes the moment she got with that gutter rat Meek. She should've closed her legs then.

  3. it's always a good idea to focus on your business and your work ethic a person can grow and become better and I believe that's what this is attempt to do and if that's the case I salute her because the best work for Nicki Minaj is Yet to Come clearly

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