@breakfastclubam Michael K. Williams Talks His Role In ‘Superfly’, Prison Reform + More

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  1. I enjoy watching him and listening to him. Do not grapple with the character of Omar in "The Wire" he taught some very valuable lessons and he had a "code" that most can agree with. Some "Bad Guys" wear capes too.

  2. So he be going to see Jimmy Henchmen in jail? I'm curious how they know each other and affiliated..cause Jimmy Henchman was doing alotta fuckery behind the scenes back in the day. It's well documented

  3. I know this has nothing to do with the interview but the man sitting next to DJ Envy who is that that's a beautiful man every time I watch this I say that good grief he's hot

  4. Am white and they keep targetin me and everybody in my community over 1/3 of people that I know are incarcerated and what he is saying is absolutely correct it's a big business at the end of the day and it's set up for us to fail got court on the 27th of this month

  5. This guy played a homo pedo killer drug dealer thief and his character.got praises from the black community for the wire. All the devil gotta do is disguise himself as a black man and he will easily lead black ppl to Hell. Easily.

  6. damn this guy is doing such good work and no ones cares along with low views. Even CTG wasnt present for this one and he couldve been a good person to listen to this mans work. Anyone who works towards reforming our prison and jail reforms is doing Gods work. We need to get this shit fixed asap. Its ridiculous what inhumane things we do to humans by caging them. Hell I even hate seeing animals caged in too. That shit pisses me off.

  7. Damn. 19 seconds into the interview and Yee is already making this shit about her. Ever notice how the guests never bring up the first time they’ve ever met Yee? Oh, but she damn sure will bring it up

  8. This Superfly remake is actually pretty damn good. They didn’t take the original story exactly from scratch and they added some good plot twists along the way. It’s worth going to see.

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