@breakfastclubam Michael Jackson vs. Beyoncé: Who Is The Better Performer?

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  1. Beyonce puts on a better show but Michael is a better performer. If you go watch MJ videos 95% of the times he is solo while as Beyonce 95% of the times she has back up singers and dancers which to some ppl is more entertaining then being on stage by yourself

  2. You kids don’t remember when MJ hit the robot!!! What is Beyoncé to do when on stage with MJ and He start hittin that shit what she gone do? Twerk? MJ washes Her on the stage!!!!

  3. First, to even ask this question is insulting. Second, don't ask the question if you don't want to hear a diference of opinions. Third, Beyonce's Coachella performance was good but it was elevated by the theme, dancers and musicians, Michael Jackson captivated millions of people just with his stage presence ALONE; he did way more with much less. And last, Beyonce is not inventive or original. Like I said the performance was good but if you attended an HBCU homecoming, you didn't see anything that you haven't before.

    I'm in my early 30s, therefore younger than Angela, Envy and CTG and even I know better than to make the comparison SMH

  4. MJ would rip the stage with just a spotlight and a mic.  He didn't have all the extra dancers, and props.  CTG is blasphemous right now.  People were fainting and needed to carried off cuz MJ was wearing them out. CTG, YOU are a donkey. #BLASPHEMY

  5. Michael was magic, even if he was alone on stage, if social media would’ve existed back then his audience wouldn’t even have time to tweet about it cuz they would all b spellbound Nd dance, Beyoncé’s performances look like there’s a lot of hard work behind it, Michael made it look effortless and like it all came from him

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  7. Don't be a prisoner of the moment…. Beyonce does and did her thing but I think Charlamagne is confusing PRODUCTION with PERFORMANCE…..Mike didnt need millions in stage PRODUCTION to PERFORM and rock a crowd !!!

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