@breakfastclubam Meek Mill’s Mother: “The Justice System Has Failed My Son At Every Turn”

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  1. Niggas on some real need to stop acting like saints when niggas go down like come on nigga this man had his niggas jump some lame in a shoe store talked all that stuff shit till shit got real

  2. Nah that's on him. Gave the nigga mad chances dude even violated parole. Meek is my nigga but dude you reap what you sow bro. Everytime I looked nigga was doing something shit could've been easily avoided bruh.

  3. No Meek failed himself …. he has came up dirty on Drug test countless times… the judge told if he comes up dirty again he's going to jail … he did … now he's in jail…No Sympathy

  4. Ur son failed himself at every turn. They don't lock ppl up just coz they feel like it. Black ppl need to stop fuckin up n expect to be saved acting like they did nothing wrong. I grew up broke too but just decided not to commit any crimes

  5. Definitely not saying anyone deserves to be locked up unjustly, but remember all that having Safaree jumped stuff while he was being peaceful?, you get back the same type of energy you put out into the universe, period.

  6. Meek Mill is a Thug !! ..why are we not petitioning for actual innocent dudes in prison ..Meek drives around pulling up on people ..boast about selling drugs , abuses folk , has no plans to change & this the nigga you wanna release

  7. This women act like her son is a saint. He broke some laws. He's on probation…and he broke the law. I'm NOT a meek mill and never will be because he's a snake and put other people careers and livelihood in jeopardy for his own personal gain. I hate snakes.

  8. Meek's case is not "injustice". He's an idiot. It's just that simple.
    Injustice is the case of Alton Sterling where the Louisiana attorney general has just announced that the 2 (white) cops who killed him will not face charges. Meanwhile, the (black) cop who shot the (white) australian woman in Minneapolis has been charged with murder AND the Minneapolis police chief lost her job.
    Y'all better learn your place and stay in it.

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