@breakfastclubam Meek Mill’s Lawyer Discusses The Judge’s Obsession & Unfair Treatment In The Courtroom

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  1. I don't know but me personally I don't like it when lawyers go on press runs and talk so damn much… I don't think thats helpful but I could be wrong. The justice system is unfair to a lot of people in general but there are a lot of good lawyers who'll get the job done without giving interviews and all that.

    If some of y'all get time please check some of my instrumentals out, this would be very much appreciated. God bless y'all & have a wonderful week.

  2. Meek mill violated probation like 5 times, just like when gucci had to go to prison for 3 years. No one was saying the justice system is unfair then. What happened to kevin gates is more unfair than what is happening w/ meek.

  3. There is an issue in this country about humiliating and violating the black man and if you take it all the way back to slavery and when they used to whip the slave in front of his family and his his woman this is the same tactics we put them out of Starbucks we shoot them in the head when they getting arrested and now we holding a man hostage for something he didn't do this is away black women 4 them to Hold Us Down get into it

  4. Meek been saying the DA, judge etc were racist 5+ years ago…the DA literally told Meek she hates him to his face in court….he been on probation so long and can’t legally move out of Philly which is probably part of the reason why he lost Nicki too #FreeMeek #JusticeForMeek

  5. All this support for a dude who has money but keeps fucking up, he'll do it again and you all will regret going so hard for his dumb ass. Where's all the support for the brothas and sistas locked up unjustly that doesn't have the resources as dummy MEEk

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