@breakfastclubam Mariah Carey Reveals She Has Bipolar Disorder

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  1. The thing about Bow Wow is that he lived a life before he was 25 that most people can't imagine. Plus he has feels pressure to maintain that image…so when he tells stories about all the shit he does and people he knows it seems almost unbelievable.

  2. Robert Kraft ain't ish… He'll go visit Meek Mill, but he still donated money to Trump and wouldn't stand up for Colin Kaeperknick when Colin was taking a knee against the same system that put Meek Mill in prison in the first place

  3. Bipolar does affect the vocal quality of a singer. In episodes of mania your risk factor is enhanced wildly. You drink excessively, Class A drugs can become a factor, sleeplessness, Smoking, and all of this is compounded by shame. But just keep mocking if that's who you are.

  4. Saying good for her in that sarcastic tone is nonhuman. This was brave of Mariah and her coming out will help millions. Why you have to say something about her voice when she is human and has good days and bad days. Bottom line is she can still outsing any artist out today and she paved the way.

  5. Char, the only trash is you. Mariah's voice is still great but it's not like you ppl watch her vegas or tours. Y'all probably keep going by them 2 performances like its wheres she's at vocally cuz its not!! You talk shit bout her but have no facts but a few little clips. Many factors effect a voice so plz stick to your garbage rap you like & promote.

  6. Look, Shad is one who knows how to manipulate the media. This is an outta sight, outta mind era and he's just tryna keep his name afloat. Shad knows exactly what he's doing. There's no money in music (for certain individuals) so he has to do other things. His publicity stunts are indeed keeping him relevant. This is what people like. They like drama and overall foolishness. Sometimes it's more entertaining than the actual music, itself. Shad should just say Look y'all, I'm just tryna stay in the public eye so if y'all see me actin' a foo', don't take it personal.
    Mariah Carey is a trip. There's a pattern w/ her. She's preparing for an Asian tour. She revealed this information just in the nick of time. She's securing those ticket sales early on. Reveal that you've been diagnosed w/ bipolar disorder so that people will throw you a pity party and undoubtedly buy tickets. This seals the deal. And guess what? It worked. She has everybody feelin' hella bad for her. When she starts preparing for a U.S. tour, people will already feel bad for her. It's an excellent marketing skrategy. Anyway, she could very well be bipolar, but if she was diagnosed in 2001, why is she just now letting people know? Perhaps she was simply keeping this in her back pocket. A few years ago, she was using the divorce and bad breakups to sell tickets. In the 2000's, she used the tragic mulatto pity party to sell records. Again, there's a pattern w/ her. What bothers me is that she won't be forthcoming w/ the real issue. That issue is her voice. It's no secret and it's all over Youtube. Every time somebody calls her out for having a bad performance, the same excuses follow of her being tired, nervous, not drinking enough tea, having a lot on her mind from childhood, etcetera. Somebody even said that she cain't sing due to the climate changes. It's hard for her to sing overseas because of the air. Now I'll be dammed. The more recent excuses are the government is tryna sabotage her and she doesn't like being away from her babies. There's just always something wrong. And, thank you for calling it out, Lenard. All of this is still not gon make individuals diskract from the fact that she cain't sing live. Those vocal illusions are impossible for her to handle. They were back then and they damn sho' are now. Why is you keyin' yo' songs down octaves lower from the original illusion? Why is you always prerecording and lip-syncing if you have a 5+ octave range? These are the questions that nobody's asked her. Sure, she might be bipolar, but I still think it's the voice. Was she bipolar when she having a ball in Aspen? Was she bipolar while she was in the Gucci store? Something always goes wrong when it's time for her to work. It's rather interesting…

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