@breakfastclubam Man Breaks Into Escape Room, Panics And Calls Police On Himself

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  1. Char kelly nomore donkey of the days from u until u apologize for raping the 15 yr old girl… Dj envy gonna have to do the donkey of the days but u cannot hand of donkeys nomore

  2. It’s hilarious how people are defending charlamage saying DNA cleared him…wasn’t rkelly deemed innocent after his case?…yet charlamage continues to go out his way to shit on rkelly…gotta keep the same energy

  3. Y'all keep talkin bout CTG raped but the DA said there is NO EVIDENCE the DNA was NOT a MATCH .. black people can be DUMB AF and stay trying to pull each other down .. niggaa will push a lie cuz it's more entertaining than the truth

  4. Charlemagne should say something about these rape allegations .Mannn! If a bihh accused me of rape and all i do is talk shit about other people's issues.. You better believe im doing a public service announcement and putting up paperwork to back it up.. But the breakfast Club is quite as a mouse.. Talking about all other bullshit thats going on! I know he sees this ! Lol

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