@breakfastclubam Lil Wayne Wins Lawsuit Against Birdman and Cash Money Records

Lil Wayne is done with Cash Money Records as he wins his lawsuit against Birdman and Cash Money and gets his money. He will now be under Universal.

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  1. lil wayne let the white man win and control him white man meaning universal. birdman took the fall. like dame dash said these culture vultures will make people of color turn against one another. c the god is an idiot for cheering for one side. he is a puppet.

  2. "Salute Ross cuz the msssage was pure, he see what i see when you see Wayne on tour"

    "Flash without the fire, another multi-platinum rapper trapped and cant retire, niggas get exposed, i see the cracks and IM the liar?"

    – Pusha Thanos

  3. It’s not really a celebration when he still doesn’t own his masters. Universal literally owns the rights to everyone on young money shit. Birdman is just a thief and figure head. Universal is lending Lil Wayne money for his album only because they plan for him to recoup them by taking the earnings from Drake and nicki upcoming albums. This is what you call a 360 deal and shows us that Remy Ma didn’t lie in that Shether diss nor did Pusha lie in his. Young money artists are literally being cheated out of money and slaves to contracts. Drake has been trying to get out of it for years,which is why he drops so many albums and mixtapes the last 3 years and why he partly started OVO sound.

  4. That is NOT an album cover pic… That is some playboy shit. Its a shame she is still selling herself in order to sell… Her annoying voice yet hit songs is and should be MORE than enough to get what she needs… But hey..

  5. Glad Lil Wayne is getting money but I'm over the Carter 5 now, it's been too long. Birdman should have settled that a long time ago but buddy was too busy being petty. Salute to KD, I don't like KD's super team but KD is a stand up dude.

  6. Well damm its about got damm time lil'wayne got through this bullshit wit birdman and cashmoney as far as "Tha Carter V" not really all that interested we were all hype dup yrs ago but no longer not but now he's a free agent artist now we go see wat happens

  7. I love lil Wayne but he needs to stay away from that whack ass drake, if the rumors are true about drake and Wayne making a Pusha T diss track it aint gonna be good for them. Regardless tho
    Wayne is a rap legend.
    Drake is a phony

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