@breakfastclubam LeSean McCoy Denies Beating Ex-Girlfriend After Assault Accusations

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  1. I don't know if Shady did this but dude needs to lay super low from now on. He has 3 run ins with the law. Also, a new rule has to be made for people of means. Stop fucking with broke people. I don't know how much Shady is worth but no way I'm fucking with some woman who has nothing because she looks good. I'd rather keep my money and freedom. No more Me Too.

  2. Latinas deserve this when they date blacks simply because we have money. The love is never going to be real , you can be any Latina we are just fucking you because you Are considered forgien pussy , and you bitches are kinky.

  3. Y'all dorks need to chill with the whole CTG rape allegations… Shit mad annoying and ignorant. He beat the case. Not to mention it was years ago plus he took the blame from the jump.

  4. In no way, shape or form am I condoning this sick behavior, but I do wana address those that say it's an NFL problem. The media chooses to report on what they want. Nobody talks about the issues that happen in other sports primarily because the NFL is the most popular, but also there is an ongoing smear campaign against the black man. They gloss over the white players in other leagues who beat their wives, snort powder, drive drunk n cheat on their wives. But you better believe it happens. Even when white players IN the NFL beat their wives n get accused of rape it doesn't get half the publicity as it does when black men do it. Still not condoning this behavior, they will get what's coming to them for this BS

  5. Y'all niggas gonna learn to stop fucking with these bitches you couldn't pull when you were broke. All these athletes be fucking with these bobblehead bitches that deal with them only for there money. And it's funny cause all these chicks look the same.

  6. All the details from the McCoy case doesn't add up. If he set this up, he is FN stupid. You walk in demanding the jewelry that was given to her specifically by him? No forced entry? Now mom is saying he doesn't deserve to be in the NFL, he beats his kids n animals, but she won't leave his house? Please Brothas, be quality men and find quality women. This shit is just sad all around. QUALITY.

  7. ❓If a guest was on the show with the same allegations as Charlamagne and same amount of time passed and the woman came forward today to speak out, would Charlamagne bring it up? HELL YEAH!!!!!

  8. This story don't sound quite right to me… I wouldn't be surprised if she did this to herself and try and set this man up to fall. They had an eviction court date set for Thursday (tomorrow) and conveniently, a "home invasion" happens right before. BTW he been trying to get her out the house since July of LAST year, but he wait until now to do this when he could've gotten everything done legally in 2 days?? I can't quite buy this. Stay tuned for the facts.

  9. These bitches be lying!!! All my ex told me they got beat by there ex’s. After you got to know them it bull crap!!! These bitches be lying so much now when we see these things we don’t know if it true anymore.

  10. So basically "another" hoe who isn't shit without a man's money is making up frivolous allegations again? How TF would an Instagram hoe know if a "professional" athlete was on PED's? Who TF would tell some "useless" hoe about his performance enhancements?(allegedly) As if she would be privy to that confidential information. Women are fucking pathetic creatures that have to be treated like mentally ill children. Stick to weaves, ass shaking and dick sucking your way to the top level to get a "man's" monetary gains. #harderonHoesthanliquor

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