@breakfastclubam Kodak Black Sentenced To One Year In Prison

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  1. I'm happy a fellow Negro is doing good in life but Kodak Black's music is trash (at least to me). Hope he gets it together and stops fucking with people bringing him down.

  2. Dear Lauryn Hill, How many times are we gonna celebrate the same album that we have been for 20 years???
    Why you wanna open up a tour that you're not gonna perform original versions on or show up on time for…if at all.
    I love you but I can't keep following the bullshit. For me. Releasing a NEW album and touring for it would've been the best decision.
    What is the issue? woman?
    We want answers?
    Is it work ethic?
    Why has it been 20 years and you have given us ONE ALBUM in a world where you could've been music royalty and never forgotten on the list of female rappers.
    Brilliance just withheld and for what tho.

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