@breakfastclubam Kareem ‘Biggs’ Burke On Prison Inmates Starring In His New Film, Kanye’s Tweets & More

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  1. 11:12 – Envy says what he hates about our culture, 'We don't allow people to have a disagreement without having a conversation.  As soon as we say something that someone doesn't like we ATTACK.  Instead of talking about it and having a conversation.' *Cue Desus and Mero interview*

  2. Donald Trump and his people who follow him is pushing the educated black and the uneducated black to make a decision for their own future either we come up with our own solution for our own problems or you go back into slavery this is what I like to call the golf court solution 5 black women just found out that their money is no good here now it's time to build your own

  3. Yawn. Here go charlene recycling that "Kanye goes right" line again only for the 10 millionth time.
    It's embarrassing to see so little critical thinking ability from people on such a big platform. Lemmings.

  4. Looking at the comments it's clear the impact that the Joe Budden pod cast had on the culture…I knew who Biggs was from way back but now people automatically refer him to Mal's brother…crazy impact

  5. Envy: "Please explain to all the people out there who may not know, what is a tweet!"
    Yee: "Ooh, I have a friend who tweets!"
    Charlamagne: "Drop one of Clues bombs for tweets, damn it!"

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