@breakfastclubam Kanye West and Kid Cudi Release New Joint Album

Kanye West and Kid Curi released their new joint album “Kids See Ghosts”

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  1. The album isn't dark at all. It' talking about liberation more than anything else. It was Cudi at his finest and Kanye raps better on KSG then Ye. TRUST!

  2. Depression comes from when you don't know who you are and that's #facts… I know people going to say what if you had a death in your family, my best friend was shot 28 times this year and I'm still keeping it all together and everyday I wake up with a smile on my face, Why? Because I know who I am and me knowing who I am I can get through anything

  3. If they would hurry and release it on Apple Music I would be able to listen..smh Why did two of the best artist have to be the worse procrastinators /planners

  4. If you have mental illness please do not have kids. Way too many people that I know have a parent who committed suicide. And now they’re left alone with the siblings trying to figure life out.

  5. Woke up and lost one of my inspirations… This is going to affect the rest of my day and weekend unfortunately. But RIP Anthony Bourdain and infinite blessings to his family and loved ones

  6. I think it’s great that the Obamas are working with Netflix. They’re going to do things like documentaries about peoples lives and are bringing attention to certain topics. We definitely need more smart TV. And giving more people jobs then these Hollywood people.

  7. I'm curious to hear what the Cudi/West project sounds like. I would think that it would be good if it could combine that "Surfin" sound with Ye's "Father stretch my hands" sound.

  8. People check on anybody it's not only rich people who's killing theirselves it's not only rich people who committed suicide it don't matter if you got money that doesn't mean you're happy this is sad

  9. Anthony Bourdain passed away!!!!!!! ?????????? What the heck — OH NO! OMG. oh Suicide! oh no.
    I will always appreciate all his travels and food adventures – I always said he had the job I wanted full-time.
    RIP Anthony Bourdain.

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