@breakfastclubam Jada Pinkett Smith Knew The Day Jaden Smith Lost His Virginity

Jada said that Jadenhad a swagger about him that she was instantly able to tell he had lost his virginity.

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  1. I don't think CTG was making a joke. I think he was being serious. Envy needs to think about his kids, especially his daughters when they start developing and having sex.

  2. Omg it’s not that weird some people are just open. Most of you have never even had two parents so I don’t expect you get it. When your close with your parents some people don’t mind asking questions regarding sex or telling them they lost their virginity. Lol the day I smoked weed for the first time I told my entire family a week later. Personally I’m not talking in-depth about sex with my parents but woman to woman with my mom if I had any regrets with losing my virginity to the person I would probably go cry on her shoulder. It’s good to be able to have Jess convos with your parents and then give you insight because it can save you from a lot of shit you might have to just take the hard path and find out yourself. Sex Ed in school is trash and needs to be reworked anyways. Having parents to be their to explain to you certain things educate you on what to avoid and so forth is a very blessed thing to have. Stop making it seem like a parent that talks to you about the birds and the bees is “weird” because it’s not it’s healthy.

  3. I miss the days when Will Smith's family business was private. We hear too much about them now, half the damn news is from Jada's interview.

  4. I stay in Mississippi and they still play that creep songs and I change the station Everytime they play him because I have a little girl and I would go in taken mode if he does that to my child !

  5. first willow had juicy info to tell the world about sexual relations between her parents, and now the latest news coming from the smith family makes me think they got into incest lol

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