@breakfastclubam J. Cole on Kanye West: “It’s Not Free Thinking, It’s Enslaved Thinking”

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  1. Kanye never said he's connected to one political party, he said, I LOVE TRUMP; not, I LOVE REPUBLICANS… Did anyone ever take the time to ask him how he felt about other political parties cause I'm pretty sure his answer would be the same…#Yesus #Kanyeprophet

  2. If u ain't listen to Tupac, Bigg,Goodie Mob, Mobb deep,big pun, big L, Az, Mac, Souljs Slim,Trick daddy,Nas, ect… then those type of lyrics will go over your head you just aint smart enough to understand

  3. J. Cole preachy bullshit, he clearly has the huge ego of someone who thinks to be some wise humble deep thinker. What Kanye said is so easy to understand, free thinking is being sincere to whatever you think and that you dont really need have to restrain it because of society's metrics ( We are talking about thoughts here, not hateful damaging actions that will really hurt other people or that are against the law) People have egos, there isnt a single person on this earth without a ego, and ego is essential part of what composes an individual. J.Cole is just spouting old 60's new age bullshit. The maga hat thing is clearly a attempt, that has failed so far, to repurpose something that is seen as hateful just like n-word was repurposed and reappropriated. He did this on time he released Yeezus with the confederacy flag, nobody took offense that time. Anyway let Kanye do his talking, if you think its dangerous or forbidden, or its gonna kill you, make you drop dead because he said words, just dont give it traction, dont give it so much attention, dont take his opinion seriously or you will just spreading his message even more. People are just overreacting but that's okay, it doesnt really matter.

  4. Satan, the eternal rebel, the first freethinker and the emancipator of worlds.

    I think this is where Kanye got this disrespectful nonsense from. The atheist Bakunin

  5. I'm sorry but jcole a fool for this. To be a liberal is to be blindy be a slave. Kanye never said be a republican. He's saying don't give your vote away to the Democratic party on a silver platter. Make both parties actually work for our vote. Democratic party gets our vote without earning it. All these so called "woke" people ain't doing nothing but keeping black folks from progressing.

  6. Are y'all stupid??? Have you seen the success Trump has had you guys are blind thinking he's doing a bad job…. the fact is he has had more success than Obama has had in 8yrs people can't accept that and it's reality, nothing changed with Obama it was a copy of the Bush regime Trump has cut taxes pulled out of the Iran deal, editing the horrible Obama care, freed prisoners from one of the most dictated country in N Korea, and also got a peace summit for N Korea and s. Korea….. That's just a bit of success he has had…. stop following the media, be ind thinking find the info for yourselves instead of being spoon feed bull shit

  7. lol j corny tries way to hard to try and act black, bro your momma white, you can grow dreads and wear a Jamaica shirt. Boy you hate your white self and are trying to be something you’re not, you’re not a black man, you’re a mixed man. Just stop

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