@breakfastclubam Fox News’ Sean Hannity Identified As A Client Of Michael Cohen, Trump’s Lawyer

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  1. SO what? You are the most racist pos walking it was noonea business he has already said he never even paid him a dime he is also his friend he told the judge I have talked to him in my office but nothing to do with anything he had to hire me for and nothing about a third party u people don’t blame sucking old nasty Bill Cosby’s black ass knowing he’s a rapist u look for anything Sean has every right to do wtf he likes on his show support wtf he likes just like u baboons do u have orgasms anytime u think u have something on people who support trump yet that monkey ass racist obama was so great to u never ever say a word against that Muslim and his man wife

  2. Everything is clearly racist these days. Funny how Hannity gets exposed but nobody said anything about all the criminals pedophiles and rapists who Obama employed or how Obama worked for George Soros.

  3. Sean Hannity just seems like a shit person. With all the hypocritical, fake and sometimes straight outlandish slander he’s spat out on Fox News over the years I don’t see how anyone can take him seriously much less believe anything he says to be the truth.

  4. I'm shocked the Starbucks situation isn't donkey of the day. They have deserved it for a couple of days now. That whole situation went to a place it shouldn't have went to.

  5. Anderson Cooper, George Stephanopoulos and many in the media gave money to the xlinton foundation…did not disclose it and kept defending the foundation even whem we knew it was a pay for play (its closed now since Hillary is not president) but yup…where is there donkey of the day…yeah right

  6. The taste maker rhetoric is true but Sean hannity would have went hard against Mueller anyways and he should have gave his listener's an exclusive before this come out from other people it's a weak donkey of the day but still donkey of the day

  7. To truly be upset at Hannity, I would have to start from the baseline of respecting him in the first place. He has been a Republican lackey for so long, that respect doesn't exist.

  8. CNN and the mainstream media as a whole is the arm of the Democratic Plantation…the dnc and Obama paid 36 million in legal fees to keep a hush on federal records under the freedom act. Hillary was given questions ahead of time by CNN in debates, talking points are fed to the liberal media by Chuck Schumer, it’s all coming out that the FBI, the agency that could literally take your freedom away in a hot sec, is a partisan hack, Loretta Lynch colluding with the Clinton’s to call something a matter, the exoneration of Clinton before she was even interviewed by the FBI, I could go on but it wouldn’t matter !!! Because all these hypocrites in here wouldn’t care !!! Don’t you think the media is influencing your thoughts using indentity politics everyday? Charlemagne you had no issues with the lack of transparency of the plantation and the media, it’s all bullshit…. this is suppose to be news ? Damn Sheep.

  9. I think this is 45 raiding everybody, just to invade their business. He running up in these white boys houses just like in the hood. Like how Hitler did back in the day. He wants to know everything about the people around him. In my Cardi B voice #45 wanna know: WHAT THEY SAYING ABOUT ME? Lol

  10. Who is Charlemagne to speak about integrity? This dude has common sense and full understanding of what's right and what's wrong but he continues to mislead people with righteous talk followed by wrong talk. He mixes up truth, lies, right and wrong while continually using his platform to mislead the culture and youth. You have to be woke and smart to see through someone like him. Like God says "vengeance is his". We shall see who in the end will be the real donkey of the day.

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