@breakfastclubam Fabolous Facing Up To 10 Years In Prison

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  1. Charla thinks it's cool that thot chyna used her STROLLER with a kid in it to ram someone or something? If you are decently strong and the babies that young that could really hurt the baby or even kill it just from the whiplash part of it

  2. Damn Fab………..
    Charlemagne plz stfu. Nobody threatened China's kids. I have 4 kids and WOMEN all the time come up to say how cute they are. Some even put their hands out to touch kids hand with me right there. Trust me I know how protective Parents are when it comes to their kids but her baby wasn't being threatened….

  3. We as MEN.., especially BLACK MEN…, must realize that sometimes it's best to just move on & WISH ur ex the best…Clearly, FAB has realized his expertise as a rapper will be paying for Emily for a long time, of course….she has kids with HIM HE SHOULD PAY…but, FAB is clearly reacting like this because his Ex has another dude & he's been at the house that he bought…..FAB was wrong for punching this woman…HE HAS NO EXCUSE FOR HITTING HER….NONE!! LOST LOVE is the worst LOVE, makes u act CRAZY…….But, if ur a REAL MAN U JUS MOVE ON & KEEP IT PUSHIN' & BE THERE FOR YOUR KIDS!!!!

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