@breakfastclubam Do You Care About Kanye West’s Political Stance?

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  1. This particular stance speaks volumes. This man in office
    mocked someone with special needs, advocated for a man whose ex wives opened up about domestic violent and what occurred while married to him, put Betty Devos (not qualified) over one of the most important factors in our lives- the children and their education. Trump fears/hate Muslims, educated women etc. I honestly am not surprised by Kanye- look how he "promotes" his wife. There is something eerie when a man is okay with his wife showing her ass. For Kanye to have the platform he has, he used
    his platform to only magnify his own agenda. I'm in disgust.

  2. CTG isn't being tough on Kanye, because Kanye paid him and gave him an interview. CTG has always been a fake, black militant. There are many of them on social media.

  3. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer? Idk, outsider looking in, love his music. Its a plan or he's settled down comfy. Gonna be a good year, cant wait for some hip hop

  4. Donald Trump has paid off a lot of black celebrities to fake support him (he offered 50 Cent $500,000 and 50 turned him down), because he understand that a lot of us look up to celebrities more than we look up to Teachers and doctors. Says a lot about us as a people, and we should be ashamed. Just being honest!

  5. The guy said that Kanye West didn’t like George bush and George bush has been seen taking pictures with Obama being Buddy Buddy and trump hate George bush. He didn’t say “IM TRUMP SUPPORTER AND KANYE IS RIGHT BECAUSE IM A TRUMP SUPPORTER”

  6. Both of em crazy as hell thats why they love one another. And I'm not surprised or hurt bt the fact that it is Kanye that said it. I am not a fan of Kanye or Trump so he can say what he wanna say. I WAS a fan of Steve Harvey until he met with Trump and my reason why is… He (Steve) talked alllllllllllll that shit about Trump…even had Hillary star on his morning show and was advocating too vote for her…but after she lost, Trump summons you to meet with him. Why would you do that after talking mad shit about him…2 faced as hell. I quit listening to his show from that day forward.

  7. Charlemagne saying we need to stop idolizing celebrities ain't gonna do shit. People are still gonna do it. That's the reality. We need to care that Kanye is a trump supporter and his politics bc 1.) republicans are raving and saying "see even kanye supports about trump!" 2.) this normalizes everything that trump has done against immigrants, mexicans, muslims/refugees, black people, lgbt community, the planet, women, etc 3.) Kanye has his fans in the comments saying "oh well ima still listen to him" bc they're reasoning Kanye/Trump's "opinions" and saying that the music is more important than their politics when it should NOT be the case BECAUSE Trump is hurting actual people

  8. Me personally I love Kanye West and support him, but i fucking despise Donald trump, but it’s not fair that everybody is judging him for siding with trump, we are in America everybody can believe in whatever they want, just because somebody doesn’t agree with what you believe in doesn’t give you the right to bash and hate the person.

  9. No. I don't support Kanye's music or any of his other business ventures, so I sincerely could not care less about anything that happens in his life or anything that he does. He thrives off attention and only speaks to or about black people when he wants to sell something, so let' s stop giving it to him the attention.

  10. What bothers me the most is that no one on this breakfast club panel has done any investigating into Trump or whats going on. Not one of them!! But they all have uninformed opinions about the matter! Kanye supports Trump because he sees through the BS! Trump is not PC and thats exactly what we need right now, Not a smiling well spoken puppet like those we've all seen before! Think about sick our society has become when we actually accept the fact that politicians lie to our faces and then we joke about it..WTF!!! Trump is the only president that we've had in the last 30 years that is actually doing what he said he'd do! Look past the so call weird stuff he does. You'd say crazy shit too if you knew what was really going on behind the scenes. But it's more than just that, ask yourself why he started a global Pedophile arresting wave?? Every president before him knew about this epidemic and did nothing, why? Why the build the WALL, really why? Why did he go after MS13..Why? Why is he ceasing assets of traffickers and their affiliates..WHY? Its all connected, not by chance. Why are there so many politicians resigning across the board..( They know whats coming). Trump is destroying the illusion that only small groups of people knew about but were either killed, called conspiracy theorist or were just ignored!! People, you need to stop watching the news and start reading and looking at alternative information like YESTERDAY!!! Those networks have been corrupted for the last 60 or so years!! Other counties view americans like they are insane because they can't believe we allow our country's leaders to murder, rape, and destroy other countries while at least 30% of our political leaders literally steal their children to be sold, raped, sacrificed (YES I SAID SACRIFICED) and much worst!! We have supported these so called career politicians and actually say we like them when we don't even know who they are! Would you do that to someone you just met in the street!? Blacks have had it the worst because they don't know which way to turn. They've gotten to the point where everyone looks like the enemy, and rightfully so!! This was done to them on purpose, not just by the DNC, it's much bigger than that! Why do they want the blacks to stay lost? Maybe because they understand that a united Black voice could change the social paradigm of awareness in America?? In closing, they should make it a requirement that anyone who wants to express their opinion about political / geopolitical matters on MSM needs to have researched that topic thoroughly before hand, because you're misinforming the masses and by law that can cause civil unrest which results in jail time! Don't believe me ?? Walk in to a theater and scream FIRE. After the dust settles and people are trampled to death, watch what happens to you!! People are supposed to be able to trust their NEWS sources, especially about their country matters right!!! This is why Kanye says he loves Trump! Kanye has been saying so called weird stuff because it's only weird to the people who are lost in entertainment, making money, cars, hoe's,debt, and other things that are designed to keep you preoccupied with BS!! I didn't vote for Trump nor did I vote for any other so called president in the past. I was told long ago it was all a sham but now that I've seen what Trump is doing you can bet I'll be voting this time around!! PC is a trick when you talking about manipulating the truth or telling a lie..Tell the FUCKIN TRUTH, those of us that matter can handle it!!!

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