@breakfastclubam David Peisner Discusses The Story Of ‘In Living Color’ In His Book

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  1. Why are they asking him questions like he was there and experienced it? He just researched and wrote a book… I know Angela is asking questions off of what was put in the book… but the questions are like "I didn't know this, tell me what you remember" type of feel…

  2. I'm going to have to pass on this book. If he was interested in preserving the culture of In Living Color when Keenan told him he thought the book would hinder a legacy project he's working on, out of respect he shouldn't have wrote the book and left it as a magazine article.

  3. You see people how this is an example of greed. This white guy clearly wants a check and status let’s support the culture and I would only buy it if Keenan wrote the

  4. I seen comments calling this man a culture vulture so i checked the video, I dont see this guy trying to or acting black, or "Urban" in any kind of way. Just call it what it is and stop using the term culture vulture to hide it, You dont feel like someone white should be writing a book about a black show. And its okay to feel like that for whatever ignorant reason you choose. But being an author or a journalist shouldnt make you limited on what you can write about based on your race. NWA said it best, Their show audience were dominated by white people. If it werent for white people buying music, most hip hop artist would still be broke. Real hustlers know, you dont ever shit on the customer.

  5. I think the elephant in the room is, instead of just writing the book, why didn’t he pass the mic, why didn’t he let black people control our own narrative, especially after conceding that there was no real space for black people in television at the time.

  6. Booooooooooooooo…..next, no Wayans talkin bout Kenan' s show, this mf barely knows anything…sounds like garbage how u gone question some1 about some1 else life and start almost every answer off with "I think" my dude are u sure!!! Dude just Google'd in loving color and put his own memoir 2gether. Plus he did it dirty get approval and tell it correctly with the actual ppl not the 1's behind the scenes

  7. i would much rather have a white guy write the book if he's qualified, did his research, paid his dues and appreciative of the culture; rather than dumb ignorant illiterate retards like Kanye and Chance.

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