@breakfastclubam Coach Gessie, Dr. Amun, & Dr. Amsu Talk Fibroids & Infertility Testimonials

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  1. Envy: "Please explain to all the people out there who may not know, what exactly is detox!"
    Yee: "Ooh, I have a friend who knows what detox means!"
    Charlamagne: "Drop one of Clue's bombs for detox, damn it!"

  2. Estrogen- the doctor don’t even tell you to reduce the estrogen rich foods that drive the fibroids they just want to rip your uterus out! Cutting back also on caffeine.
    Reducing the fibroids -curcumin, Black seed oil.
    Getting the gut in check! Is my personal belief. If you seating GMO foods ripping out your healthy bacteria causing parasites and major toxin buildup some of the cysts are built up try to encapsulate those toxins from spreading through the body. I’m not a doctor but that’s my theory.
    Get off chicken and meats and milk with HOrmones! Those extra hormones are no good in the meat in your body
    Hormone regulation under an expert like this group. Taking Maca with professional guidance and recommendation. Have healthy fat in your diet so the body can use those to properly produce hormones.
    Again Clean the gut! Clean the gut! Consult-Clean the colon with professional recommendation
    Getting the blood alkaline- green juice straight up every
    Castor oil treatment over the fibroids along with the purest frankincense oil is believed to be extremely effective with the rest
    Get a solid second and third opinion before allowing someone to rip out your overall healthy uterus!
    Support kidney and liver as they are likely overworked from all the toxins.
    Go off sugar and carbs as much as you can…

  3. Man they stay up here! lol. I wish they would just interview the young woman, the other dudes are bit too pretentious for me. But health is important. Black folks let's heal ourselves!

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  5. They had me up until they started lying about the weed. It doesn't produce more estrogen and it definitely doesn't lower sperm count. It actually raises it a bit. Studies done on rats will never produce the same results with humans.

  6. I love when they are on and I learn so much. The male doctors though sometimes border on being homophobic and sometimes they sound like salespeople pushing a product….it overshadows their amazing message and info.

  7. everything they said about fibroids. Absolutely true. I found out I had fibroids about 7 yrs ago and they tried to give me a hysterectomy even though I didn't have any children. I suffered from heavy periods all my life and thought it was normal. I eventually found a DR who was able to perform a myomectomy ( robotic surgery) to remove about 8 orange sized fibroids from inside and outside of my uterus. 2 yrs later I had my rainbow baby. I urge black woman to not take any form of birth control…it truly has so many side effects

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