@breakfastclubam Beyoncé Made History With Her Coachella Performance

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  1. I like both Beyonce and Michael Jackson equally. Both are/were ahead of the industry. No need for the people down below to pit them against eachother especially whem they idolized one another. The performance was great and exceeded expectations.

  2. It really hurts too see especially black people not see this is just a rehash of Diana Ross and Tina Turner. Really? Better than Michael are you fucking kidding me 5 dam decades surpassing every decade a real phenom since dancer performer artist and you compare to this chick a b plus singer who can't dance. Michael needed a mic and a stage and a spotlight that's it not an army.

  3. It was mediocre singing an Dancing…. it was … Waaaaack
    An The "Hype " surrounding jnb is fading away … he 53 … she 42 … with kids family … how long they Think they can pull off Tryna b relevant at this point !!! … Anyway
    Ya'll people Forgot … Wen Bey was
    White an didn't consider niggers lol
    White people gon tell you straight up what it is blacks jus can't let go
    What i mean is … Her white team been left her wen she hit 32 an had blue … they said " you gettin old an now itz time for fresh meat …
    Blacks worship her cause she look White an always put That image of a Fairtale Life her an j live … Say what you want i remembered… lol
    Now you notice ever since that she been more about blackness lol ryea right …

  4. Mannn they be reaching for Beyonce ass smh she trash an been WAYYY OVER RATED ….. she has mad her 600million now she need do what she preach an have several seats

  5. I think Michael Jackson was better in that, he had people passing out at his performances. He had ambulances waiting. He could just stand there for 20 minutes, do nothing and people would pass out. I have watched his live concerts, and just amazing. He and Prince were musical geniuses. Beyoncé is talented, but her team makes her great. Prince and Michael could be on the stage by themselves even today, if they were alive, and mesmerize people of all ages. Prince could play any instrument. He actually could just play an instrument and mesmerize a crowd without opening his mouth, or dancing. And, this is with both of their old music. I don't know if I can give Beyoncé that much credit. She is entertaining to watch, but vocally on the Black National Anthem in particularly, I would have wanted to hear another singer sang it. She sounds like she is gurgling when she sings..:))) This is just my opinion.

  6. CTG is buggin! Bey doesn't even come close to anything MJ ever did as a live performer. Do you even know how many bodies use to get carried out of his concerts because mfer would just faint because of the atmosphere he created and the experience of witnessing that nigga live?

  7. Honestly if y’all think Tristan and Khloe were in an actual relationship instead of just fucking with publicity heavily around them because of a kardashian; uhm you’re mistaken. They were not in a relationship lol. He’s way younger than her and she was just a body he ran across. She hounded him and followed him everywhere he went. Girl you knew what you was getting into. Tryna Force him into a relationship

  8. I'm proud of her because she's talented and black, but hell no She's NOT the greatest entertainer of ALL TIME. Michael Jacksonis, this man in his career has dropped people to their knees in faint and in awe. Who Beyonce making faint? She's a great entertainer but never TARNISH the kings name as far as having a hell of a performance. James Brown, Tina Turner, even Hammer did his thing on the stage…RIP KING M.J.

  9. The Breakfast Club been sniffing too many Tide Pods to even utter Beyonce name along with Michael Jackson! FOH! Bey good with the theatrics and mass productions but Michael was alone on stage and killed it consistently. Puleeeze…

  10. Best of her gen absolutely, best of all time ? Hardly …
    better stage presence than mike ? Sit down lol
    Mj didnt need to bring in les twins to dance for him, he trained with the best and did it himself, beyonce is doing quite base level dancing for those that are in the street dance business …
    Mj is the greatest performer of all time to date…with Prince being up there as well.

  11. Charla needs to look at the Bad Tour back in ‘88 at Wembley Stadium. That’s arguably his best. It’s hard to compare because we’re living in different times and her performance was just the other day. Why Beyoncé gotta be compared to Mike anyway? She in her own lane.

  12. Let's be real here… Beyonce is amazing and compared to the mediocre talent that we have out now she is in a league of her own. But to compare her to MJ… now ya'll doing way too much. You can clearly see the MJ and Tina Turner influence in her but she is not the greatest entertainer or performer of all time. She may become a legend in her own right but not better than MJ.

  13. Okay, let's REALLY get this going.
    I'm keeping an open mind.

    I need you to write down your top three MJ performances (any order) and we will check them out…then we will *discuss*…

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