@breakfastclubam Aubrey Joseph On Marvel’s ‘Cloak & Dagger’, Growing Up A Middle Child + More

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  1. It's not a lie if you believe it. Wait till the other rappers get a hold of this. why so serious. Pusha T knock the black off of him there's nothing left but a white boy from Canada bars.

  2. I like that he loves his mother, but the frequency with which he talks about her is just bizarre. Dude is going to be 21 next year and from the way he talks about his mother, I think she still packs him his lunch and kisses him on the cheek before he leaves the house. I cannot see this guy actually having a girlfriend even though he's an adult.

  3. Having that fear makes you look/act suspect, having that fear makes your memory cloudy and sometimes you'll exaggerate those experiences with cops. I don't believe the cops "jumped" at him are you kidding me? & even if they did why does it have to be because he's black? Imo that wasn't a hate crime, race wasn't involved, this young man just assumed they were profiling him because he's black and has been told by the media that police hate blacks. ACT LIKE A RESPECTFUL ARTICULATE NORMAL FUCKING HUMAN BEING and cops won't come for you or feel threatened. Must we forget to empathise with the cop whose probably already dealt with a bunch of psychos before you and they themselves have fear that someone will do something unexpected so they always have to be on guard and ready. It's not always because you're black, please stop pushing that agenda because all it does is makes black youth feel like they can't make it in this society and black people won't thrive as a race. I'm black and I'm speaking from the heart not from a place of victimhood. Speak out when its an actual hate crime but most of these recent "hate crimes" in the media have been watering down actual racism that's happening.

  4. Cloak and Dagger is about an interracial couple who are superheroes I wonder if Netflix decided not to make their relationship romantic because now in Trump country showing that could make them lose viewers???

  5. "who taught you how to be a man"…………….what the stupid is that lol he IS a man there is nothing to teach. how about "who taught you to be such a decent well grounded person" and thats stupid too since he clearly stated his mom made him who he is. pay attention to your guests

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