@breakfastclubam 6ix9ine and Adrien Broner Take Shots At Each Other

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  1. My people listen closely: YOU NEED TO GET CONVICTED TO BE PARDONED. Meek has NOT been convicted but held up in legal bureaucracy devised in part by the judge (who might I add has the legal discretion to do so). If he gets convicted, usually they go thru he appellate courts before the governor or even the president can issue a pardon.

  2. What's exciting about someone donating a 100k to a college? Wow that's great, 100k isn't much at all when it comes to donating to college's. But that's great, good for her for making a public announcement about it so everyone would know.

  3. Charlemagne needs to understand that a governor cant always just pardon someone because it depends on the state laws, hes been saying this for weeks but still hasnt bothered to do some research into state laws. Sometimes it can be left solely to the governor, solely to the parole board or they two entities need to work together and come to a decision whether the person should be pardoned. Also if meek committed a federal crime then the governor cant pardon him only the president can, if its a crime against the state then the governor or parole board can pardon him. Its really not that hard to look this information up especially when you have google at your finger tips.

  4. Angela loooooooves letting us know about her "friends" and the industry people she knows but she has NEVER dropped nan ONE exclusive on this "Rumor Report" segment! She literally reads and regurgitates all the blogs and gossip sites without adding anything new.
    The only time I've seen her ever got her phone out to get info directly from the source was on some girlie-gossip nonsense that time Michael Blackson was up here.
    Other than that, she's always "I don't know"/"It doesn't say…"/"We'll have to wait and see what happens now"/"I guess it's…" when someone asks for details about something she's just reported! For all the years she's been in the industry, Akademiks literally has more connects than her. At least he talks directly to the artists and breaks news.
    Save some money and put an intern in Angela's seat instead.

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