Bobby Lee & Khalyla – H3 Podcast #148

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  1. Hollywood comedian Rob Schneider is of dual heritage — his father is a real-estate broker of Jewish stock and his mother Pilar is half-Filipina. That makes him quarter-Filipino

  2. When ethan complimented B and K then they both reacted so wholesomely and smiled like never before in previous podcast's be that tigerbelly,ratking, or h3, I teared up. Please be vulnerable. There is too much to experience to be pretending to be exempt of certain expressions.

  3. Bobbys and Khalylas relationship is so fucked it's almost comedic. Khalyla aborted their kid, Bobby desperately wants a kid so badly, he is probably being cucked too. Both are fucked beyond repair tbh.

  4. I whole heartedly agree with Khalayla for not wanting kids. I think that’s super mature of her and very considerate because I honestly don’t think the baby would be safe around Bobby either.


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