Big U Reacts to Keefe D’s Confession About the 2Pac Murder (Part 9)

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Part 1:
Big U opened up to VladTV about getting out of prison in 2004, but he went back to 1997 when 2Pac was murdered. He explained that a guard came to his cell and told him that his “homeboys” killed 2Pac, but Big U says he later found out that no one he knew was connected with the murder.

To hear more, including Big U’s reaction to Keefe D’s confession of how 2Pac was murdered, hit the above clip.


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  1. Vlad get ya information right plz….they we're actually trying to solve the Biggie case cuz Big mom's were suing….upon investigating that, they found shit out about 2pac…they were using Keefe to get to Puffy old friend

  2. How come none of these people talk about where they got the gun from ?  They say supposedly The South killed Pac.  But that gun possibly came from Harlem NYC.

  3. You guys need to open your eyes big u knows keefe d was coached and didn't kill Tupac neither did baby lane. Feds killed Tupac and biggie everything else was elaborate cover up. Disinformation agents like Greg kading are there to absolve accountability from lapd.

  4. 2Pac Is ALIVE !!! 100% Proof !!! Malik Shakur …. 2pac's cousin admits that 2pac is alive. 2pac is living in Cuba and 2pac may have moved to Africa. Also, 2pac is on facebook use an "alias" name !!! Here's the Malik Shakur Interview Form 1 YEAR A AGO !!! Here's The Videos ——->

    P.s. The Shakur Family Made Malik Shakur Take Videos Down For "Snitching About 2pac Being Alive" !!!

  5. You can tell Big U had love for Pac as a artist. I don’t remember exact details but I believe right after Pac died, while Suge and the MOB were getting ready to strike them back.. I believe the first people to start killing Southside Crips.. were other crips.. just off the strength of them being fans of Pac. Can’t remember which crip set tho.

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