Big U Clears Up Nipsey Hussle Family Dispute Story, Police Were Shooting (Part 11)

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In this clip, Big U discussed his relationship with Nipsey Hussle whom he managed early in his career. He detailed some of the stories floating around about the two and gave him much praise for being at the forefront of gang members interacting in the music industry beyond hood affiliation. Big U also weighed in on some of Nip’s comments regarding the heightened levels of surveillance and how some advice from OG’s just doesn’t apply any longer.

Later on, Big U talked about his gang-intervention program and being motivated to stop gang violence because of his sons. He spoke about his oldest sons being without him for 13 years while he was locked up and how he feels the responsibility to change their environment, not by taking them out the hood but making the hood a safer place.


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  1. Keep up the good work Big U!!!!! It's time for us as black people to phase out this gang nonsense and pick up black economics!!! Black wall-street is a shining example of what we can achieve when we put down the bullshit and focus on what really matters, which is achieving prosperity from the black dollar. Let's make black wall-street worldwide!!!

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