Best Verses: Dreamville’s ‘Under The Sun,’ Freddie Gibbs & Madlib’s ‘Bandana’ LP| Everyday Struggle

On Wednesday’s episode of #EverydayStruggle, Nadeska, Wayno and DJ Akademiks kick off the show with their ‘Versus’ segment. On this edition, Ak and Wayno debate who had the better verse on recent tracks such as Dreamville’s ‘Under The Sun’ and Freddie Gibbs’ ‘Palmolive’ as well as the 2009 track ‘Forever.’ Later in the show, Ak and Wayno share their thoughts on Freddie Gibbs and Madlib’s new album ‘Bandana’ and list out their favorite tracks off the project. Afterwards, the trio answers a fan question regarding Gibbs’ career in the industry and the difficulties he’s had to surpass. To conclude the episode, the crew gives their thoughts on Crooked I’s recent tweet in their ‘Big Facts or B.S.’ segment.

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  1. I wish I was up there talking verses and Hip-Hop instead of ak… nigga don’t know what the fuck he’s talking about and you can definitely tell he doesn’t have an ear for bars

  2. I cringe every time these niggas talk about Em. Wayno is just Jay Z to the death of him and can't get over the fact Em went over Hov on Renagade. and Ak doesn't listen to music for content, he a gahdamn lie this man once said Lil Uzi's last album was a "concept album". Most times Em is being brought up here is just to clown him I can take the criticism from Wayno but Ak gttfoh.

  3. AK you think Kanye had the best verse on that shit?!? You Tweaking bro!! Pull up the lyrics and read that shit over again. And if u going based on content 1st place is between Wayne n Eminem followed by a strong 2nd by Drake. Ye's verse was ASS.

  4. Em phoned his Forever verse in and was still miles ahead of Wayne, Ye, and Drake technically. Lyrically, he overstated his point, like he typically does…He had been on top for forever already and no one on this song was competition. This song was the start of his boredom and it shows in his music post this song. I'm not trying to go out of my way to justify my opinion though, just stating what I saw.

    Ye was definitely second overall, and arguably on top lyrically if you decipher what he said. Wayne was also in his top dog mode like Em, and got his point across, but not very effectively and he didn't even rhyme for a few bars. Drake was tied with Wayne overall in my opinion, and slightly superior lyrically.

    I feel like Wayno is a little too in the white boy discount bag on his opinions of Em, even though he rated his verse best. He said a lot, without directly saying it…That is higher level skill. Either that or Em just consistently goes over his head, which is also a strong possibility based on his thoughts here and in other videos. Being complex can become a flaw at a point. Diminishing returns lyrically if almost everyone else doing it is not on your level. A point comes where you don't even appear to be speaking the same language.

    There is no denying Em killed this in his sleep. He even spent a couple bars giving props to the others. As for Ak saying rapping fast is a cover for a lack of substance; "He's wonderin' if he should spit this slow—fuck no! Go for broke, his cup just runneth over—oh, no." C'mon man… If Em was never saying anything, I am pretty sure another A list rapper would have checked him by now with him making songs like Rap God and loudly saying he is the best for like two decades now. Instead, we have his peers and analyst breaking down his flow and syntax and pointing out how complex it is. No one wants to be on a song with Em competitively Ak, but they are glad to if they are looking for instant chart placement.


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