Best of the Week – June 2, 2019 – Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan Experience – Best of the Week of June 2, 2019

JRE #1308 – Eddie Bravo –
JRE #1309 – Naval Ravikant –
JRE #1310 – Sober October 2019 Preview –
JRE #1311 – David Pakman –
JRE MMA Show #67 with Kevin Lee –

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  1. Greatest week of understanding, connection and growth EvEr in my life…also most stress, disdain, and hate…but like the JRE I'm Way stronger today for it…all day

    Edit: was for some Freudian reason week was spelled weak and I most definitely for one week of my life was not..and hopefully shall not ever again… I almost have abs bro!!!!

    Edit # 2: Run ! For real, as a birth to 22 soccer player I took it for granted, never noticed the benefits, and at 37 not running in 15 years no joke DO IT!!! I'm a running evangelical now and it's sooooooooooooo weird!!!

  2. I don’t know that I would make America better in the great way ..or .. would be opposite way….I am quit afraid ..Depend on ..what …? .. you take me in or you kick me out ….now ..I think I have to think about it very careful..

  3. For me .. what I am or what I am not …it doesn’t matter ..because …I am just silly person try to make the neighbor .. accept the way of the human …you hate the most when some jerk threat you for some stupid thing … but if you see way …..,to the see that this kid is stupid and asshole..

  4. 3:55…I'm out of context but generally speaking that was a statement that if were extraplopolated to chemistry, it would be retarded! BAM MOTHER FUCKER, I KNEW I SPENT 80K FOR SOMETHING AND IT is AND MOST DEFINITELY WAS THE RIGHT TO SAY RETARD/RETARDING/AND RETARDED!!!……but you can't say it even if I write a song, you can't say it!! Ask Bill Nye, he can say it, BUT you can't, unless you make dmt…then I allow it, BUT NOT YOUR FRIEND THATS COOL AND SMOKED TOO!!!..gotta have a line…

  5. Is there an ugly/"I'll show you coz I'm ugly" gene? …name the best looking politician you'd fuck( m OR f) …..still waiting….they're nothing but, I'll show you mixed with flaccidity…R and D no tribes you retarded reactions!

  6. Just a simple computer is integrated with peoples minds now. We dont need computers to be able to think for themselves for the people who own the IT and information to destroy humanity.

  7. Eddie man, scary stories for social control IS any system of control, the boogeyman, the devil, the enemy(fill in your own blank), the scary clown, Jaws, Bigfoot, the djinn, the white walkers, the cupboard monster, global warming/climate change/acid rain/ozone, ISIS, AL quaida, WMD, SADAAM, Satan, Iran, communism, grandmaster glitch, the kiddie catcher, Darth Vader, The Wizard of Oz, Agent Smith etc etc etc etc. All you really need to know is, what or who is it taboo to criticise? they are in charge.Who is doing the demonisation? They are in charge.
    Then realise there is no fucking spoon, unplug, consult within, meditate, be happy in your own company without a mobile programming device, be in nature and breathe, run, hunt, gaze into a cosy camp fire with the family within and without. Come in and out of the construct as you see fit, don't fight the wave or the million agent Smith's out there ready to tell you who you are, they will always win. Simply know that you make your world in the image of your thought. In so far as others influence that sovereign power they control the world in which you live. As the great Guy Ritchie says on your show, theres a world out there trying to tell you who you are, and there's a world in here trying to tell you who you are, so, where do you want to put your eggs?

    Ps once you have achieved mastery of your inner world, and you don't have to dodge bullets anymore then you fly, how? By infusing your reality with love, then over time as you detox, the love that goes out is what you experience coming back in—- LOLI— instead of GOGI

  8. I really enjoyed Mr. Ravikant's interview, but his claims about the creativity of A.I. aren't accurate.

    For example, Gatys, Ecker and Bethge, published "A Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style," in 2015, where they demonstrated how neural networks can produce entirely new pieces of artwork in the style of Picasso, Kandinsky, van Gogh and other major artists with enormous creativity. If a human were to produce these paintings, very few people would argue the person is not creative.

    More recently, OpenAI showed their GPT-2 model could write short stories based on a given writing prompt which were both creative and coherent. The first story shown, which is both interesting and well written, details scientists' discovery of a unicorn in the Andes.


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