Best of the Week – August 4, 2019 – Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan Experience – Best of the Week of August 4, 2019

JRE MMA Show #73 with Jean Jacques Machado –
JRE #1330 – Bernie Sanders –
JRE #1331 – Alonzo Bodden –
JRE #1332 – Annie Lederman –
JRE MMA Show #74 with Brendan Schaub –

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  1. Neil DeGrasse Tyson neglected to mention the 3000+ babies that were aborted (murdered by their own mothers) in that same 36hr period. Liberals do not care about those lives because babies lives don't matter to them.

  2. Trump didn’t have anything to do with it you stupid fuck he said he was planning this before trump was even elected and they only target him but very few bring up the Dayton shooter was an antifa member

  3. I will say this there are a few things here. Joe doesn’t need the podcast in the grand scheme of things. Even when it was live there was never any real audience involvement. If he was primarily a podcaster he would have to at some point be accountable to the audience. He doesn’t so I can’t really blame him for just ignoring us when it comes to censorship hypocrisy when it comes to his friend. Look he legit killed Mencia’s career but when it comes to Amy Schumer it was so much more blatant and he laid off. It’s protecting his friends and a true friend does that. Now, it’s one thing if he wants to have shlob on and not address his standup or the doc or the many concerns fans have. That is his style to just ignore whatever the fuck we say. But to have Beige’s shit censored using his power goes against so many things he has claimed to believe in.

  4. When you point out statistics about a mass shooting, you are clearly trying to compare numbers to lives lost in a horrific manner, people want and deserve answers, not just well that shit happens

  5. Shaub and TFATK clips are all over YouTube. But only the criticisms get taken down. That's conspiracy to commit censorship. But Tripoli will be defending Joe again on the next episode of TFH. Just like he did when Joe edited out a chunk of the Eddie Bravo conversation.

  6. I just don’t get what Rogan is doing defending Schaub. Dude was a decent fighter but he’s not funny, period. His special was a train wreck end of story. But copyright striking BF was fucking low

  7. Alonzo Bodden: "its Trump fault! Trump this trump that..
    Joe: The other guy was a Elizabeth Warren supporter..
    Alonzo: escapes to generalities.

    The TDS is strong with this guy.


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