Belle Delphine Shocks Us & Trisha Paytas' Fake Wedding- H3 Podcast #155

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  1. We also had the tissue advice in Romania. Older folk, like my coach or some uncle would say they used to do the exact same thing when they were in the army and they had scarce toilet paper rations. The joke didn't quite stick with younger people tho, the presentation is nice but might be too much of an effort nowadays.

  2. Why does no one complain that the content for an hour is you guys eating nasty shit, but they're whining like babies about Belle Delphine? She's funny, and that video was interesting. And i'm a vegetarian too, so stfu Dan

  3. Unsubbed, why?

    Well it's gone from you talking to interesting guests about interesting things. To you gossiping about "Celebs" and he said she said BS. It's pathetic, it's like you are NOW KEEMSTAR. talking about mundane bullshit of mundane "Celebs". Seriously, is your demographic now 16 year old girls?


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