Belle Delphine Responds & Free A$AP Rocky – H3 Podcast #124

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  1. damn i really wanted him to hound belle delphine for making a career based of the fact that she’s attractive. she has no personality or any talents other than waving her boy tits around and it’s upsetting that like people who actually put effort into their content can’t go anywhere BUT A HOE CAN

  2. "You work there if you want, you don't if you don't" I mean with most minimum wage jobs most people work there if they hate it or not bc working a shit job is their only choice and it's hard to get better

  3. And you think youre being harmless and cute but youre literally reinforcing baseless fearmonger bullshit that psychos in america will fall for. Fuuuuuck youuu.

  4. definitely the sovjet anthem is a pretty good piece of music.
    Its actually for me one of the best in the world.
    But who knows how many people were killed before it was finished 😀

  5. Here's a thought, why don't people just stop following and engaging OJ? This dipshit does not deserve the attention. If no other justice is to be served, at least let him be a pariah. 0 followers. 0 people giving a shit what he does. But that's never going to happen. Some people will always be fans and some people will be fascinated by the trainwreck. Fuck this world. Unfollow this piece of shit, if you want to make a difference.

  6. I knew there was something missing last week when H3 didn't upload a new podcast episode. Hila leaves for a couple weeks and Ethan is trying to get Fart jars and killing shredder with KFC.

  7. To clear up some things about rockys situation here in sweden… The fact that he is being convicted is insane, Sweden does not even have time to clear up most rape cases and even some hard core criminal gangs walk free because they are "too young". So yes it is a shitshow although the rumours about the prison is just right up fabricated. Sweden has some of the most luxurious prisons where the prison food is basically the same as the one served in school although in prison they also get dessert. And there is no way the water would be dirty as sweden has basically the cleanest water in the world after norway.

  8. Anyone else think the harrassment towards ASAP rocky was most likely influenced by racism (Sweden… my dudes…) and then get whiplash when Ethan said this doesn't happen in the U.S.? Idk what country Ethans living in but wrongful imprisonment of black men is a fuckn staple of the US

  9. Not surprised that the guy that didn't know you were going to get no sleep when you have a baby, also was shocked when he told Alexa to call the police and she actually did it.

  10. Your dad has NOTHING on mine. Imagine every moment with the guy in any public situation being that way. On a family road trip my dad once got himself locked between malfunctioning entrance doors of a Walmart after ignoring an employee's warnings. He tried to break them down to get out but failed and eventually gave in. The employee just shrugged and laughed as we all watched in horror from the car. Help us.


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