Belle Delphine Farts In A Jar And Sends It To Me & JayStation – H3 Podcast #123

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  1. I'm guilty of talking shit on Etika. I loved watching his highlights on YouTube and he was a funny guy, but when I saw that clip of him acting crazy with the police.. idk I just thought he was being an idiot. We all saw something was wrong and instead of helping, we hated on him for it. I don't know if we could've done anything, but I regret not seeing that he really needed someone. He really needed us and I'll never make that mistake again. If I see someone hurting I'll do whatever I can to help.

  2. Tell me this- could you not imagine Jesus Ripping some mad death metal tunes in his 15-30 as a part of his earlier life that conveniently no one ever speaks about, I mean he got the long hair the beard

  3. I promise you I am one of the most unpopular comments of today, but deadass I want this song by Hillsong United played at my funeral. Such a powerful message in my mind. Lot of love


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