Belle Delphine Arrested By British Authorities & Fousey vs Slim – H3 Podcast #147

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  1. The topic covered by Chris Morris's 'The Day Will Come' is definitely a subject worth talking about. Over 300 cases of the FBI creating terrorist cells to then bust is admittedly super fucked up.

  2. That chair actually looks a bit like having arrows on your back… they should make the legs double as swords, in case you are sitting and somebody challenges you to a duel.

  3. Imagine going around in Africa … Did you just assumed that everyone there is dumb?
    America is the first democracy.
    34 years old dude who makes money out of other people mistake
    34 years old dude who makes fun of other people as a job
    34 ….. And not able to at least eat properly for his health or for his wife.
    Leonardo da vinci painted the Cappella Sistina.
    And you ask yourself what is wrong with you?
    You wanted to shoot people who came at you're UNIQUE clothing line event?
    Man youre fat and if I drop you down in the Namibia desert or on the outskirt of Ethiopia, Eritrea, South Africa, Kenya, Botswana you're going to be the lowest piece of shit in the food chain.

  4. Love your podcasts usually but boring scooter videos, boring apology video, 30 min of bitching about copyright claim instead of making original content and a fake out news headline? Meh.. Is there just not that much to comment on?


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