Bella Hadid Named Most Beautiful Woman In The World, According To 'Science'

Bella Hadid world’s most beautiful woman (00:06)
Wale on his daughter’s mother and new girlfriend (01:33)
Diddy and Lori Harvey broken up (02:42)
Kelly Rowland wants her own talk show (03:33)
Trevor Noah on Gina Rodriguez controversy (04:03)
Teyana Taylor new music on the way (05:26)

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  1. Did I just hear that young man say “we” when referring to Egyptians….and did he also say Egyptians taught the Romans?; Taught them about what exactly? History is skewed in the US curriculum. Or the young man is just running his gums….again

  2. She’s stunning and Beyoncé is cute but neither are the most beautiful and yes as an Egyptian I somewhat agree that Greeks took a lot from us but it’s not about praising whiteness instead it’s about facial symmetry and yes that’s the most attractive thing

  3. There's lots of white trolls on this board as usual. Also Hispanic haters. if you don't like blacks, why did you login and come to this black music radio channel? It's obvious you want to be around us more than we want to be around you because I'm not going to salsa or country music forums or websites to post crap. Obsessed much? Also, for all the white male and hispanic male haters, you can get out of here because we black women aren't checking for you anyway. BE GONE!

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  5. Guys remember it is an OLD mathematical equation used by Greeks ro determine beauty. There were very limited black people in Greece. We can't be offended by OLD math that is outdated. Symmetry is the current standard, with limited no imperfections.

  6. No offense but Bella IS Not beautiful for me .There are more people beautiful.Stop promoving Beauty in only one person.All people are beautiful .No one IS Perfect.We are perfectly imperfect.

  7. I have hit chicks that are more beautiful than her, stop letting these nerd scientists tell us who is number one, go Brazil, the Caribbean, Latin America or Colombia and you will find better in a t shirt shorts and sandles


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