ANTHONY JOSHUA TELLS DEONTAY WILDER “GOOD STARTING POINT” FOR NEGOTIATIONS; HOW HE’D SPEND $500 MILL was on hand in England where undefeated IBF & WBA heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua and undefeated WBO heavyweight champion held the final press conference leading up to their highly-anticipated unification showdown. Check out the scene as both fighters spoke to the media in attendance.


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  1. Everybody knows the had talks via email ect but like Joshua said no contract has been sent by wilders team so if wilder was really on it he would send a contract and negotiate from there

  2. Aj doesn't need to bother about Wilder because whyte will ruff that punk up and knock him the fuck out. Wilder ain't no boxer he's a one punch fighter and skill and power will beat that so wilder won't go far when he comes across whyte or Aj. The old fat out of shape Ortiz outboxed him but he was just to old and out of shape to see it out. ..

  3. Wilder the fucking pussy not coming to Cardiff to promote the biggest fight in boxing!!!! In the words of the great Mike Tyson “He’s a scared little bitch”

    Wilder is shitting himself in case our other fighter Dillion Whyte jumps on him in Cardiff!!!!

    Americans: All talk and no balls!!!!! The brits have the Heavyweight division on lock down!!!!!! DEONTAY WILDER IS A FUCKING SLUT!!!

  4. Joshua and hearn made a big mistake, Joshua could have attended Wilder vs Ortiz, and had another big fight signed and sealed, but didn't want to pay up. Now just say if parker beats Joshua, where would Eddie and Joshua go after that, when wilder goes for unification with parker.and Eddie grovelling for another big payday vs a bum cab driver.

  5. You say that parker is the fight you need to focus on(trying to be fake nice guy) but after you gave all the details about the maybe upcoming wilder fight details, so you have written parker off like you have won, why lose the weight, you never worried about weight before, you scared boy, that samoan kiwi gonna show you a thing or 2

  6. Also a massive fan of both AJ and Wilder and cant wait for Fury to get back in the mix. If Wilder doesn't turn up to the AJ fight??? Then all I can say is what the xxck. You must be scared lol. Come on AJ got to beat Parker first. All the best Wilder if you don't turn up for the fight???? Keep your 1 belt and keep fighting nobody's, if you're the real deal, and by the way I do think you are? Come to England . Ps come on Fury can't wait for you to get back in the mix. British boxing is the best….

  7. Wilder made £2 million in his last fight. AJ will make atleast £20 million in Parker fight (made £15 million against nobody Takam). Who the fuck is Wilder to put forward such audacious % claims. He's a fucking nobody compared to AJ. He's lucky AJ's offering even a 40-60 split just for the token of wanting to unify and that Wilder is a champion. All these bumsquad boys licking Wilders nuts deluded

  8. All i want to know are u scard anthony joshua to fight outside of the uk a real wa Warrior game fight in anybody's backyard in anybody's country in anybody's territory Alexander the Great went to all different countries and Conquer All territories shakes I mean Napoleon went to all different countries and conquer all different lands so if you are Warrior come to the u.s. and prove yourself as a real Warrior

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