AMIR KHAN WANTS ADRIEN BRONER OR JESSIE VARGAS NEXT; RATES PERFORMANCE IN TKO OF LO GRECO was on hand at the Echo Arena in Liverpool, England, where former world champion Amir Khan made a big statement, stopping jr. middleweight contender Phil Lo Greco just 39 seconds into the first round. Check out all the action after the fight.


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  1. Forget Brook! Khan vs Broner as another "tune up" makes the most sense at this point in time in his career. He just beat a nobody in Greco and fighting Broner next (since he will most likely lose to Vargas) will not only give him a good payday but also raise his stock enough to get a fight with one of the top welterweights and getting one last big payday while taking another loss. I don't see him beating Spence, Thurman, or Crawford, but he can definitely get revenge against Garcia and outbox Porter. Beating Brook doesn't really do anything for him at this point.

  2. Khan can't mess with the upper echelon of the welterweight division. He needs to stick to the Broners, Vargas, Peterson and maybe Garcia. Those are all winnable fights and good paydays. Then he can roll the dice against Brook.

  3. forever switching trainers. Khan is not impressive. he wants no part of the top welters like spence or kell, he wants broner who he knows AB is not busy enough to beat him. khan can just out throw AB and use his speed and it will be an easy win for him. he will never get in the ring with spence, if he did khan would need steriods just to compete

  4. He wants anyone but Brook as usual. Team Khan has made endless excuses over the years to not fight Brook. They signed with Eddie so he couldn't trash them in public anymore about the Brook fight. Eddie is now compromised. Well played.

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