AMIR KHAN FULL PUBLIC WORKOUT AHEAD OF PHIL LO GRECO CLASH was on hand in Liverpool, England where former world champion Amir Khan and jr. middleweight contender Phil Lo Greco held a public workout ahead of their upcoming April 21 clash. Check out how both fighters looked and what they had to say to the media in attendance.


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  1. ANY fighter who gets in the ring should get respect. If you have never put laced up and actually experience boxing firsthand then you shouldn’t clown fighters. Khan is a world class fighter and has heart. I hope he wins and eventually takes on Spence , Thurman, or even a rematch with Garcia.

  2. Still haven't grabbed a belt at 147. Better go after Thurman. Your best chance. And you still have to fight Brook. Or ducking Brook goes on your legacy. Which is good.

  3. Khan is clearly better than Greco but he could get knocked out if he's reckless. Greco is in his head already, much like Angel Garcia was. We all know how the Danny fight turned out. Khan overly aggressive led to the TKO loss.

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