“I hope he was clean when I fought him. He’s always going to say he was clean. Only God knows. But he got so big, so quick after the weigh-in. He put on over 35 pounds of weight. I thought there must be something wrong there,” stated former world champion Amir Khan, who voiced his suspicions of PED use by lineal middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez during their fight. Check it out!


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  1. all jumping on the bandwagon highly doubt he was on the roids amirs just got a suspect chin every time he gets hit hard his legs do some funny shit like a delayed reaction i hope lo greco exposes his chin again

  2. All top athletes were on something at the end of the day u still got 2 go out and perform mayweather canelo pacquiao lebron james michael jordan kobe bryant derek Jeter they all took some sort of substance

  3. what was odd to me was after canelo ko'd khan he dropped down to his knees like with some sort of guilt but we'll never know , hope canelos cleans up and comes back because I want canelo vs GGG 2 .

  4. He acts like he never been ktfo before! A chin is like your ankle you sprain it bad you have issues forever if that chin gets tapped hard and you get ktfo like Khan did then your chin will always tap out after getting touched.. ask Roy Jones after that ko was his chin the same NOPE! khan a good fighter who talks his way into fights won some good ones but been KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT! Like damn is he dead knock outs!

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