‘American Idol’ Castoff Says Minorities Have It Harder On Show | TMZ

“American Idol” voters don’t like voting for minorities, and the show’s most recent elimination round proves it, according to Marcio Donaldson, one of the guys who got booted.

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  1. omg i’ve had enough of the excuses from people saying shit happens bc of their skin color. i liked marcio until i heard this. NEWS FLASH- it’s not because you’re black or a “minority” as you describe blacks. it’s simply because you were not as good as the top 10, which btw, has black people in it! CUT THE EXCUSES AND EXCEPT THAT YOU DID NOT MAKE IT!

  2. I like him. He sings very beautifully and his tone is unbelievable. One thing I dislike from him is that he's always crying! It is annoying! He's a downer! I never saw him smile. Not the type that would win votes. Maybe if he learns how to play with the audience and home viewers who makes the decision, maybe things will be different!

  3. Marcio bro you killed that shit you would have won the show an you have a better reason for an to win this show over anybody else American idol has been based on judge mental looks since the first fuckin season like it's really B's but it did happen an it is ok ur better then that an you got this man lol keep going they ganna hate that's it it's just talk man subscribe to my channel zionnikka3221 thanks for reading an supporting him fans an amerika does not know what there doin they could do better allot better

  4. Lionel Richie is a judge. Many blacks are in the show. A drag queen is the best performer. Randy Jackson use to be a judge. Fantasia Barrino, Jordan Sparks, Candace Glover, and Ruben Studdard won American idol. Other minority groups have been chosen to participate in the show. What more do you want? Everyone is represented on that show. What a load of crap!

  5. He right i always said that..they only had two black winner..that way they took the show off of fox because it a culture of biases on that channe, so they got slick and moved it to abc..you got to have a guitar and sing songs white people like to have a chance! I knew people was going to say..oh blacks always been on American Idol..it a show for white teens now because majority of them vote for people they can relate to which is a guitar,country music,etc..so i totally agree with him!the show purposely give blacks the wins so we blacks wouldn't complian in the future..

  6. About time somebody said something about this! He's right..i stop watching it because of that very reason..it only appeals to the white culture..scotty McCray is you fukking kidding me;hooks,lambert you can't be serious! Them guys won because of who they appeal which is majority white teens..that show got horrible after the original cast left simon,paula,jackson, after them the show became so bias it ashamed!

  7. Stupid excuses .. see the trend today most of the top singer is black y'all!!! Top singer top legendary .. u name it!!! Conquer by black so stop using minorities or silly excuses ..

  8. Why is it even the shit we dominate like music, basketball, football there is always one of us bitching how it's harder for us for what ever reason stop feeling sorry for your self and,the bullshit History your taught in school and by the media..we thrive and surpass mostly everyone when one of us put our mind to it and get our heads out the entitlment prone ass's we have alot of thing in life hard but gtfoh wit that bullshit man that's why every other race looks at us like we crazy for crying about the same history 85 % of the population went thru at one point or another I mean the Irish we're slaves before us and Africans are still selling Africans into slavery! why we don't go save our own people and OUR so-called country we love so dearly LOL Africans hate (Black Americans) notice how I said Black Americans "NOT" Africican Americans because even they know we ain't from Africa we are more likely from Israel! Or we are just native Americans! But,y'all problably think this is a joke do yo research people it's not always as simple as BLACK AND WHITE!!! WE ARE ALL A PEOPLE!.

  9. But coincidentally they were also the weakest performances of sunday night. Im all for equality and there’s defo a bias when it comes to voting, (someone who wings country will always make it).BUT on that sunday night, the best performances of the night were gabby, cade, maddie, michael, catie and caleb. marcio sadly had a bad song choice, it wasnt dennis best perfo yet, jurnee had a bad song choice, garret and johnny didnt make themselves stand out, michelle was very shaky, ada wasnt her best self. It is sad but it is true. The top also have a following on social media and have been doing insta lives , etc. I really dont think its an issue of race. I would think that if the top 6 included garrett and johnny who really did do their best perfo and would still be chosen, but that wasnt the case. Im sorry for marcio and i love him, but for this case i just dont think this is true.

    The whole problem here is social media, if you do social media well , you will get votes. Gabby is posting covers, cade is posting covers. They have some rumors of being a couple. Catie is being super funny. Michael is being super funny too. It’s really the power of social media now.

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