American Airlines Mechanic Charged With Tampering With Plane

Today’s Donkey of the Day goes to an American Airline mechanic who was charged with tampering with the plane.

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American Airlines Mechanic Charged With Tampering With Plane

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  1. This is why I've always said since childhood, that the safest mode of transport is on foot! I live in a big city so where and when I can walk from place to place. I motherfucking WALK!

  2. Let's not act surprise, Most Mechanic do this all the time on your vehicle, especially on female vehicle's.
    You take your car in for a simple checkup and you came out with a loss of $2000. It happen all the time, I bet he's not the only mechanic from his firm doing that to airplanes, he only got picked because the name would make a better headline in the media.

  3. I travel quite often for business and each and every time it never gets any easier. I pray for every piece of cargo & parts, each pilot, each flight attendant and anything else I can think of while standing in line to board. It’s a seat in the sky, and my anxiety goes thru the roof until I feel the wheels touch the ground. Thank God for DreBeats!


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