Amara La Negra: I Get Letters Calling Me “Ni**er” and Saying I Should Die (Part 7)

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Part 1:
Amara La Negra spoke to VladTV about educating people about colorism and people thinking that all Latinas are light skinned due to the popularity of Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. She also spoke about having a P.O. Box for fans to send her things and getting racist death threats from ignorant people. 

To hear more, hit the above clip.


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  1. White people know their inferior to black people. That's why they won't leave us alone and, try to stop our progress for Generations. They are obsessed with us.

  2. The reason these people don't like us is because the bible says in genesis 3:15 that the most high would place enmity between the woman's seed which is Jacob the people of yahsaral/Israel and the serpents seed which is the white man . genesis 15:12-14 says that the white man would take us and enslave us 400 years but in the latter days which are these days he would judge these people and make a complete end to them . this is the place the bible calls Babylon ! and this place is gonna be destroyed but before that happens Jacob's trouble has to happen first where the wicked of our people are to fall by the sword at the hands of these people. the book of Deuteronomy 28:15-68 proves we are the children of the most high by the curses that were placed upon us and that still cling to us to this very day . the most high is the reason these things happened to us and still continue to happen to us to this very day because we went away from his laws and statutes that kept us in his grace and protection . and the only way we won't be killed and casted into everlasting torment is to turn away from our sins and to turn back to the most high because if we do keep his commandments and statutes and stop celebrating these pagan holidays of these wicked people and only keep his commandments and his holy days set apart for us it says by no means will he cast us away . by no means

  3. Anyone sending this sweet chica a hate letter got coal in their heart. But really I'm appalled that there are people with that type of time on their hand to extend that type of negative energy when you haven't wronged them personally.

  4. That's ridiculous! Why send her hate mail like that. People are ignorant amd dumb! And I she's right about the latinos here….they think all latinos are just light skinned. But I dont think traveling plays a part in their ignorance because I knew that before I started to travel.

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