All 58 References in Kill Bill Vol. 1 | Vanity Fair

Here’s every music, movie, TV show, and anime/comic reference in 2003’s “Kill Bill Vol. 1” by Quentin Tarantino. From samurai films like “Lady Snowblood” and “Fist of Fury” to Marvel’s Serpent Society and even “Charlie Brown,” check out all the pop culture references and homages you may have missed in this thrilling classic.

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All 58 References in Kill Bill Vol. 1 | Vanity Fair

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  1. Is stuff like axe throw and cutting someone in half really a reference? I mean that's just a way of killing somebody, and there's no clear visual nods to consider them references.

  2. Forgot the reference in the kitchen scene. When The Bride talks about FAIR with Vernita Green. The bride says "We would be fair, fair and square" and then she does the SQUARE thing with her finger like how she did in Pulp Fiction.

  3. If musicians were this free to incorporate their inspirations, imagine what could be available to us as listeners! Hope they never put the same squeeze on filmmakers.

  4. I think it’s another reference when B tells all the wounded after the fight to get lost, “except you Sophie, you stay right there” I feel like I’ve seen that somewhere else before.


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