ALEX ARIZA TELLS ALL ON PACQUIAO’S DECLINE; WARNS ABOUT MATTHYSSE UPSET, REACTS TO ROACH REPLACED recently caught up with super middleweight champion David Benavidez and welterweight contender Jose Benavidez Jr. as they prepares for their upcoming ring returns. Check out what their world-class strength & conditioning coach had to say about a number of subjects.


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  1. Say what you want about ariza. Hes one of the best in the business. Very knowledgeable. And any fighter under his strength and conditioning program looked there best. Cant deny that

  2. This guy is so full of shit! It's because this clown fed pacman steroids from 2008 to 2014. How the hell does a guy that was 115 pounds beat every one in every division year after year and move up in weight so fast. 125, 130, 135 ,140, 145. cotto, margarito, delay Hoya, Hatton etc…… cmon. Ariza is a crook! TOO MANNY PACIROIDS!!!!

  3. I called for this after floyd fought cotto Lucas not the same fighter either. Pacquiao can get knocked out of sckre the KO. He gonna flash knockdown Lucas. His speed will be to much. Lucas counting to catvh pacquiao and outlast him. Pacquiao will be mkre of a boxer puncher this fighter not all offnse. He will duck amd dodge way more. His filipino trainers and people know floyd and love him to. Roach wanted pacquiao all offense. His trainers told him he could be mlre like floyd and takeess punishment and punish other fighters without bombarding them and getting caught. He cant keep getting it like that.

  4. After Nevada changed their Commision back a few years… After Arum sued Floyd Sr.,because he said Pac-Man was on that Shi#!! Pac-Man hasn't been the same….. And this dude was behind all of that… From 2nd Opinion

  5. "Manny don't' like fighting the bigger stronger guys"? Dude fought Cotto and beat him to a pulp. No doubt in my opinion those Ariza shakes were bionic. Morph u into the Incredible Hulk. Lol

  6. Pacquiao destroys any fighter who comes forward. Hatton, Cotto, Margarito, Mosley, Bradley, De La Hoya.. You just can't brawl with Pacquiao, his footwork and angles are simply too much.

    Horn got beat by Pacquiao. It was only close because of that gaping cut Horn gave Pacquiao with the headbutt early on in the fight. Without that headbutt Horn would've got his ass handed to him.

  7. The news of having nonito donaire sr training pac came out before this interview. Same guy who trained his son a 4 division 6x champ and once in the p4p espn/ringmagazine. Buboy eatinng too much pork and being spoiled riding off his homies fame. Freddie becoming too hollywood. Alex still crying over getting fired. Nobody wants ariza. Even the garcia gym threw him out. Even mayweather gym toyed w him.

  8. These fools can believe what they want but Pacquiao is not going to lose this fight! Mattysse a is washed-up.. Pacquiao might win by stoppage! Remember I said that folks

  9. Prolly couldn’t afford Freddy anymore and decide to go to whats cheaper. I’m filipino and i think Pac should of hang his gloves after he fought Floyd. Nothing to prove anymore. Its time for new era.

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