ADRIEN BRONER FLIPS THE SCRIPT ON JESSIE VARGAS DURING FACE OFF; SMILES AS VARGAS STARES HIM DOWN was on hand at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York where former world champions Adrien Broner and Jessie Vargas weigh in for their anticipated showdown. Check out how all the fighters looked and what went down as they tipped the scales.


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  1. Look like Broner didn’t want no problems! All talk no bite! He know this his last chance to make a statement at this level! Almost classified as bum!

  2. Vargas has the right attitude and focus. He’s keeping it way real. Nice when he needs to be hard when called for. Never thrown off by the moment. Broner was being cool… he was being cool right back. Shows confidence. I hope he wins… he deserves a good career

  3. Hate how much i always end up wanting Broner to win as soon as the actual fight night approaches. I think the guy is a piece of shit but man, he was such a talent. Don't want to see him go down the way he's probably destined to do so. He seems mad unfocused like always. All this social media bullshit even days before his fight whilst Vargas is on job like a true professional. A damn shame for Broner.

  4. How this fight will POSSIBLY work out …… Broner comes out moving alot, seldom throwing combinations and seemingly gets over worked throughout most of the fight although never hurt or stopped. Let's meaningful and hard punches go the odd time and especially towards the end of the fight but too little too late ………………

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