Adam Silver on NBA’s global reach, Kawhi, LeBron-less Finals, renaming NBA team owners | SC

NBA commissioner Adam Silver joins Stephen A. Smith on SportsCenter to discuss what the 2019 NBA Finals means for the nation of Canada with the Toronto Raptors playing the Golden State Warriors, whether he sees expansion soon domestically or internationally, what it means for LeBron James not to be in the Finals, and Draymond Green’s thoughts about the word “owner.”

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  1. Who gives a shit about Lebron not in the finals? The finals are doing just fine without him. We actually have a team that's legitimate competition for the Warriors, for a change.

  2. Le Bron's absence allowed for what took place in the East this year with NO cavaliers. what a relief for the eastern Conference. Raptors won. Le Bron is still the greatest player in my book. GO Raptors

  3. "If players are sensitive to the word, we have to consider changing it blah blah blah…"
    I'm sensitive to having to work a full-time job in order to pay for my rent, is anybody gonna change this for me?!

  4. 2 more teams to make it 32 like the nfl would be good for the nba. A team in Seattle and a team in one other location in the east. That would be good. Maybe Baltimore??? Just saying. Any suggestions???

  5. right now its cheaper to fly from toronto to oakland to watch a game and hotel and meals than it is to walk across the street and watch a game… its $1000 in oakland for decent seats vs $7000 in toronto…. maybe the raptors can play in rogers field for a special event perhaps christmas vs golden state… place the court on the diamond and add bleachers in the outfield… the stadium can already fit 80k people with extra bleachers you can fit perhaps another 20k… 100k selling out is very probable.

  6. Most real NBA fans are happy n lebron Is not in the finals again! Only fake fans or lebron fans are upset about this! Overtime people will move on like they did from Jordan!

  7. I can see the day when they change from the NBA to the International Basketball Association and have a North American, European, Asian and perhaps African Division. The winners of 4 International Divisions would go to a final four to determine the World Professional Basketball Champions.

  8. About the whole owners thing, think about this. NBA franchises are like companies, and companies all have owners. Everyone from the players to the coaching and medical staff to the front office, are all employees, the basketball is the product, and us fans are the consumers. That’s basically how it works. So why is there a need to rename owners? They own the team do they not? The players can leave the team and join another basically whenever they want whether it’s through a trade request or free agency. So what’s wrong with the term owner? Someone please explain.

  9. It's very simple. Don't use the word Owner when referring to the players( I'm looking at you sports anchors and analysts). Use the word owner when referring to the team ONLY. Problem solved

  10. It's very infuriating to see political correctness get even closer to the brink of insanity but in a way I'm glad. For far too long, this disease known as "wokeness" has been pushing really stupid narratives and has never once been questioned. I'm glad it has stooped to a level this low that people may soon realize how pussified and unhinged our society has become!


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