03 Greedo on 2Pac Comment Getting Twisted, Says 2Pac Not Real Street Dude (Part 6)

Watch Part 5: https://goo.gl/KmUtXa
Part 1: https://goo.gl/Q6SPBu
03 Greedo addressed his comments about 2Pac in an interview with Billboard, which he said was taken out of context and not meant for the late rapper. However, the Wolf of Grape Street rapper explained that Compton and Watts Crips don’t recognize 2Pac as a “real street dude,” adding that 2Pac was only in California for a year. 

During the conversation, 03 Greedo also spoke about 2Pac being a protected artist and no one stepping to him over the comments. To hear more, hit the above clip.


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  1. Pac wasn't no gangsta but his street credibility was something even gangstas respected…there's nothing these clown niggas can say that will take away from what Pac was…

  2. Y'all be acting like 2Pac God. My ex girl friend mama out Bmore was 2Pac's teacher when he was a good boy. Pac was not a thug like the thugs here in DC. Pac was a entertainer & a talented man. But in these streets these boys will kidnap yo granny! That ain't Pac. He ain't no thug. Thugs go way to hard & they don't care about talking good about ladies & being positive. I'm from the streets for real for real! I'm not saying being a thug is being real. Caution! A thug is negative!

  3. I guess we will see how the shit goes over in prison cause he look like a little nicca to me….don't drop the soap nicca…..& you got a LONG….LONG….LONG time to think it over.

  4. We always been on some money shit in L.A its just that gangbangin comes along with that in L.A so tha colors always over shadows the money in our poccets and the houses we own…
    And every real nigga in L.A know 2pac was another lil wayne,chris brown or even soulja boy when it comes to liking this L.A lifestyle none of them understands this gangbangin culture but its something we been around all our life born and raised its something money just cannot buy

  5. This ole ugly ass pussyfoot bitch ass nigga talk alotta shit about a dead nigga. Tupac not even from LA you pussy ass nigga he from Oakland,CA. Fucc outta here u ole succa ass nigga.

  6. i love Pac he my favorite rapper period but im also from the hood so i know what greedo saying he not saying Pac fake he just honestly stating that Pac wasnt a super street thug dude like ppl might think Pac was a revolutionary who was on another level and btw shooting two cops dont make you street it make you a brave stand up guy that stands for some real shit Pac was a real nigga but he really wasnt a street nigga like that

  7. I can See Where he's Coming from. Lets be Real.. 2Pac was not a Streetdude but he grew up in the streets. So as a Streetdude you can Relate, but I can understand that some People do not Respect him on a STREET Gangbang, Gangster shit. Pac Was a Good Brother Who tried to get Out of these streets with Everybody.

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