YouTube CEO Explains Why Logan Paul Is Still on Platform

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said some stuff about Paul in front of other people at Recode’s Code Media conference Monday. “We do terminate accounts all the time,” Wojcicki said during the Huntington Beach–set event, CNBC reported. “We do have a three strikes rule, and if somebody violates three times, then we terminate those accounts.”

In the case of Paul, Wojcicki added, those violations have not occurred. “He hasn’t done anything that would cause those three strikes,” she said Monday. “So we can’t just be pulling people off of our platform… They need to violate a policy and we need to have consistent behavior.”

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  1. He gets too many views end of discussion… If this was someone with a couple thousand they would have gotten their shit deactivated… But since he brings millions of views an sponsorship he has different rules than normal youtubers… Let's be real people have lost their accounts for a whole lot less… But this is the world we live in.

  2. are people forgetting he disrespect the japanese (not the dead body) in a vlog. and also encouraging a joke about tide pods which started a huge red flag not too long ago on youtube about eating tide pods, when tide had to put out a public statement not to eat tide pods

  3. Wojciki said " Their decision to keep Logan Paul's channel up is very complicated…" When did Money, becomes so complicated. The translation of that statement: "Because he makes us a lot of money." I understand what she is saying about the 3 strikes, however, there are compilations of his fucketry that would have the majority of youtube accounts terminated, I would respect youtube more if they would just say it, he can do crap that others can't' because he makes us a lot of money.

  4. His statement and actions in that specific video is wrong but i'm a GROWN ASS MAN and if I want to watch that video who is Youtube to tell me I can't look at it! If you don't like the content a specific CREATOR is making then don't fucking watch the video plain and simple! Everybody is obviously mad about his success doing stupid shit SO WHAT LET HIM BE STUPID! I've never seen 1 of his videos but as a CREATOR myself how are you putting limits on the real life moments I share with my audience! This is what age restrictions are for!

  5. I believe Logan Paul should be BANNED from YouTube for his actions. But knowing he has 8m+ Subs, Youtube let him stay because he is bring money to YouTube. Why does one YouTuber with millions of subs get treat definitely then a up-and-coming YouTube channel? Makes you think were YouTubes priorities are.

  6. Let’s be real, dude got 15 million subs, YouTube gets a cut of the ads, also they not going to let those subs go because they watch other YouTube videos…at the end of the day it’s all about $…I just wish people would just keep it 💯 and stop making up bull 💩

  7. WOW BYE FREEDOM OF SPEECH, Whats more desensitizing? torture on movies or DEAD people. Haven't most people been to a funeral? or had a pet die, It's way worse to teach young people that sleeping around is COOL than seeing things that are already dead.

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