Young Thug Says He’s the New Tupac and will become the Thug that Tupac didn’t get to be.


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Young Thug saying He’s the New Tupac and will become the Thug that Tupac didn’t get to be.
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  • they only say these stupid shit so akademik can talk about it while their name gets spoken about. so can we stop creating news about dumb shit. and why you ask us for our opinion, wanna know my thoughts and opinion…your stupid as fuck for talking about this!

  • I got mad respect for thugga but he aint no nupac thats where I draw the line originals are originals leave it at that

  • pac was a poet that told stories about the realest things in life young thug can barely speak english lmao smh

  • Everytime this nigga do a video on thug it's some funny ass commentary 😂😂😂but I agree fully 👌🏾

  • the thug that was promised

  • I would like to sincerly apologize to everyone over the age of 25. Idk what niggas is smoking in my generation but the weed isnt getting any weaker


  • young thug is a gayy ass 2pac on god

  • Yo bro, I ain't gonn lie tho. That thugga new joint lowkey fire 🔥 tho! Shit been on repeat since yesterday

  • Tupac would never ever EVER EVERRRRRRRRR be a cross dressing auto-tuned mumbling fake gangster. Let's get that clear right now. Btw PAC was an advocate for the hood not a leech that propagates killing and drug dealing. Fucking losers.

  • fuck fathers day

  • All the mainstream artists are fucken gay af stop buying these bitch ass mfz albums and stop going to they fagg ass shows…and support underground artist…YouTube artist ect,ect! just because these mfz disrespectful as fuck that's a diss to 2pac I aint with this shit smh

  • Welp, today is my birthday.

  • This is fucking pissing me off no one is going to be Tupac your gonna be young thug start your own legacy not follow someone else's

  • oh gaaaawwwwd, is it even trolling when it's this over the top?

  • This gay thug can't even copy wayne right, how is he the new pac ??? SMFH

  • ik this is random but lil wayne and bird man be kissing what was that about

  • Never will be a new PAC he was one of a kind realist

  • the real benefit of my clicking this…. the hate u give little infants. FUCK EVERYBODY. 2pac straight up the last real black American leader k dot big up. thug hopefully he does something

  • People needs to get off the Tupac is the goat bandwagon. He's average!!

  • pac is laughing at this clown ass nigga d.a throw a dress on and call ya self a thug GTFOH clown

  • Boopac is the only new 2pac. This dude can fuxk off.

  • These dumb young rappers will never be 2pac

  • pac wasn't born a thug just remember that he "became" one later on

  • nigga GTF